The 202s - Ease My Mind

This is a music video for the band The 202's made by myself and Jules Hackett

We made the video using an old animation technique called rotoscope. Basically we shot video of the band in front of a backlit white sheet so as to silhouette them. We then cut it together as a video as normal and then projected it onto a table from above. We clamped a phonebook onto it and then drew around the silhouette onto each page. Altogether we drew on 3000 pages, 11 phonebooks in all. Finally we photographed each page and then put it all together into a video. 

The video proved popular online and was nominated for an Irish Music Television Award in 2009. It was also picked up by Synth Eastwood and was screened as part of their programme at many international film festivals including Darklight Festival in Dublin's Light House Cinema in 2009.

We were also invited to give a talk about how me made the video at a DATA (Dublin Arts & Technology Accociation) event in IMOCA.